ARRI M18 lamphead: limited edition to celebrate the tenth anniversary

Presented for the first time in 2009 at the IBC trade fair as the second model of the M-Series after the large ARRIMAX, the M18 has been used in everything from Dunkirk to The Alienist.


ARRI’s extremely compact, powerful M18 daylight lamphead has been used on film sets worldwide for the past ten years. A limited special anniversary edition available in August celebrates the anniversary.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the M18 daylight lamphead, the film technology company ARRI is offering a special edition of the fixture, limited to 500 units. The lampheads, printed with the anniversary logo on the housing, will be ready for shipment starting in August. Get your now, if you want to have a collection item that is also a key tool for lighting movies.

The M18 is an 1,800 W open face lamphead, combining the Academy Scientific and Engineering Award-winning lens-less optical technology of the ARRIMAX with the innovative True Blue design. The result is an extremely powerful lamphead, as small as a 1,200W PAR but with a 70 % higher light output. The M-Series M18 fixture is adjustable from 20° to 60° without requiring spreader lenses.


For indoor and outdoor use

Since its launch, the M18 has enjoyed great popularity and has become an integral part of almost every film set in the world. Recently, it provided excellent light for the feature film productions “Dunkirk” and “Sauerkrautkoma” as well as for the series “Dark,” “Parfum,” and “The Alienist.” “What I like most about the M18 is its versatility combined with its compact size and incredible performance. The M18’s easy handling and its ability to be used with household plugs make it a good choice for my shoots,” confirms Michael Matuschek, a commercial filmmaker and gaffer.

Even after ten years, no significant changes have been made to the certified system. With the same size as a 1,200 W lamp with parabolic reflector, the M18 provides around 70 percent more light output while maintaining the same color quality. The M-Series M18 fixture is adjustable from 20° to 60° and, like all M-Series luminaires, does not require any drop-in lenses. Operation is possible without a generator almost anywhere in the world using household plugs. The weatherproof, easy-to-maintain M18 meets IP23 requirements and is therefore ideally suited for outdoor use.

Today the ARRI M-Series consists of the ARRIMAX, M90, M40, M18, and M8. For all its daylight systems, ARRI offers an extended warranty of five years.

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