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AquaTech underwater flash

Waterproof housings for your TTL flash

After my earlier post on underwater wireless speedlights, many readers have been asking me if there is a dedicated underwater TTL flash housing, and the answer is yes.  I have long been a user of Aquatech products (see underwater shooting in my book, Adventure Sports Photography; Creating Dramatic Images in Wild Places).  Aquatech makes underwater equipment perfect for shooting at the surface, or just below the surface (most of their housings are waterproof to 33 feet)..  I use their sport housing for all my adventure sports shooting in the water.  And in addition to making terrific camera housings, they also make dedicated speedlight housings.  I have a SB900 housing (shown above), which works perfectly with my sport housing. Their new version, the Strike 910, fits both the SB900 and 910.  They also offer versions for Canon speedlights, and produce their own line of underwater flashes.

The SB900 housing gives you full control of your flash through dedicated dials on the back.  The unit is then connect to their housing via a waterproof cord.  If you want dedicated TTL flash underwater, this will do the trick.  And don't worry about the housing leaking.  I use this set up in raging holes photographing kayakers surfing; even with high pressure water from waves and current, the housing is watertight.  Speaking of wireless flash, Aquatech also makes a housing for Pocket Wizard wireless transmitters.  I use this when I want to trigger larger studio lights like my Elinchrom Rangers on the shore while I am shooting subjects in the water.  If you are in the market for an underwater housing for a camera or a TTL flash, take a look at innovative products from AquaTech.

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