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Anton/Bauer introduces LPD Discharger

The LPD Discharger from Anton/Bauer can discharge up to four 90 Wh batteries in three hours or less, helping customers comply with the IATA regulations when traveling by plane.

Anton/Bauer introduces LPD Discharger

Anton/Bauer, a industry leader in mobile power solutions for the broadcast, film, and pro-video industries showcased at NAB 2017 its all-new LPD Discharger, an essential accessory for cinematographers traveling regularly by air.

Since 2012 that traveling by plane with lithium batteries, which we use in so many devices, became a headache and a bit of a puzzle to everybody.  The ban on lithium batteries started in February 2012, when the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel developed new safety requirements regarding the transport of lithium batteries by air, which were incorporated into the 2013-2014 Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air. These provisions became effective for many countries on Jan. 1, 2013 and in recent years further legislation has appeared, the most recent in April 2016.

Due to the restrictions, Anton/Bauer developed, back in 2016, a solution for users of their batteries to discharge them to comply with the legislation. Now the company launches its all-new LPD Discharger. Developed in partnership with one of the world’s largest rental houses, the LPD Discharger can discharge up to four 90 Wh batteries in three hours or less, helping customers comply with the IATA regulations that state that Li-ion batteries transported as cargo must be charged to no more than 30 percent of their rated capacity.

Anton/Bauer introduces LPD Discharger

“When the IATA tightened its regulations for battery transport last year, it created a big dilemma for rental houses and international broadcasters whose customers or crews needed to fly home from a remote shoot,” said Andrew Butler, product manager of Anton/Bauer. “Until now, there’s been no elegant way to discharge batteries below the 30 percent threshold, and it simply isn’t feasible for the crew to carry large quantities of bulky batteries into the cabin as carry-on luggage. But with our new LPD, our customers can discharge and ship their batteries in full compliance with the regulations and then fly through security.”

As a dedicated battery discharge unit, the LPD requires no external power; rather, it uses energy from the batteries it is discharging. This allows for travel-friendly operation and ensures that the discharging process does not damage the batteries. Weighing less than 1 kilogram, the system is fan-cooled and thermally protected, making it safe to use and leave unattended in any environment. With its robust metal chassis, the Anton/Bauer’s LPD Discharger is designed to be shipped to any location with the batteries attached for the user’s convenience.

The LPD is currently available for either Gold Mount or V-Mount batteries at a list price of US$949 or €875. More information is available at

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