Reallusion releases Digital Human Shader for realtime human rendering

The release of Digital Human Shader by Reallusion benefits artists who wish to quickly animate realistic CG humans made from custom models.

A new digital human shader for realtime human rendering

Reallusion continues to make it more accessible to create realistic digital humans for real-time 3D animation with the new Digital Human Shader for iClone 7.7 and Character Creator 3.2.

Character animation is an area showing a fast paced evolution, and in the last months we’ve seen the potential made accessible with new tools. Reallusion takes another step forward, with the introduction of its Digital Human Shader, which featuresa a complete set of shaders for skin, eyes, teeth, and hair, allowing artists to create realistic digital humans for real-time 3D animation.

Character Creator (CC) 3D Human Characters are equipped with Reallusion Digital Human Shader for Skin, Eyes, Teeth, and Hair along with SSS (Sub-surface Scattering) and Micro Normal technology. This allows artists to create believably true-to-life digital humans by allocating CC shader pipeline and custom pro textures assignment. With the new tools it becomes easier to enjoy fast and quality real-time render results for still art design or live animation performance.

Key features of the Digital Human Shader

The complete set of shaders  is now made available, along with SSS (Sub -Surface Scattering) and Micro Normal updates for iClone 7.7 and 3D character creation tool Character Creator 3.2 for fast, real-time rendering. With the latest iClone and Character Creator (CC) updates, designers can one-click convert PBR assets into digital human shaders. Artists utilizing professional assets such as Texturingxyz, and digital sculpting and texturing tools like ZBrush and Substance Painter can now see their characters animated directly in iClone.

Here are some of the key features of the new tool:

Digital Human Eye Shader

The Eye Shader is designed to bring realistic real-time rendering of an eye model, exposing aesthetic control over each of the biological parts of the eye. Artists can achieve multiple human eye variations by using image masks and parametric sliders for pupil, iris, limbus, and sclera. SSS can be used to adjust moisture and light transmission effects through the eyeballs.

Digital Human Teeth, Gums, Tongue Shader

Included are full controls over Brightness, Desaturation, Roughness, and Specular by overall setting or by specific area. Adjustable AO masking to conceal over-lit inner teeth and tongue are also available. Mirco Normals can be applied with adjusted strength and tiling, and SSS can be used to adjust light transmission effects.

Digital Human Hair Shader

Hair shader simulates the reflection of light from hair with anisotropic specularity, while also calculating the light refraction, and the light scatter between hair strands. Users can define the direction of the hair flow, set the base color strength, transmission value, specular strength, and secondary specular strength.

Enhanced Lighting for Digital Humans

Work in Spotlight and Point Light with the adjustable light shapes including Tube and Rectangle, or import custom patterns for the preferred shape. Not only do they improve the eye reflection for more natural human looks, but they also effectively soften the light and shadow to achieve more realistic scenes.

A new digital human shader for realtime human rendering

3D characters from one photo

Compatible with industry character design pipeline, the Digital Human Shader benefits artists who wish to quickly animate realistic CG humans made from custom models. Several successful samples include converting Unreal’s Mike Seymour 3D scan model to Character Creator by using Wrap3, importing 3D sculpted Javier Bardem by ZBrush prodige Hossein Diba, and animating 3D characters made from one photo using the Character Creator 3 Headshot plugin.

Once your character is applied with proper light settings, says Reallusion, “ the CC/iClone Digital Human Shader gives CG characters unprecedented skin details, realistic eye reflections, believable teeth, and healthier-looking hair, which can be realtime animated through iClone’s iPhone facial mocap. “

Follow this link to learn more about Character Creator 3.2 and Digital Human Shader. To learn more about iClone 7.7 update, visit Reallusion’s forum.

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