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A lot of editing news coming out of IBC 2019 this morning

Things of note for Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic

As I awoke in a hotel room this moring that is not in Amsterdam for IBC there was a good bit of news regarding many of our favorite editing tools coming across the wires. There’s always company press releases but I also take to Twitter for comments and commentary as that’s a good way to Hoover-in a lot of info before rushing off to the next appointment. Below are items of note from IBC that editors might want to take note of.

The Blackmagic RAW 1.5 update adds support for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro.

There was speculation when Blackmagic rolled about Blackmagic RAW as an acquisition format that it might only be reserved for Resolve as that would be a way to get more people editing in Resolve. I’ve edited a BMD RAW job and it’s a great format. Very easy to work with. We see that’s not the case as Blackmagic now has a download update for BMD RAW that adds additional NLE support.

What’s new in Blackmagic RAW 1.5

All platforms

  • General improvements for Blackmagic RAW Player and Blackmagic RAW Speed Test.
  • General SDK improvements. Please refer to the separate SDK change log file for full details.


  • New plug-in for Blackmagic RAW editing in Avid Media Composer.
  • New plug-ins for Blackmagic RAW editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Added metadata support for Mac Finder “Get Info” inspector in the “More Info” panel.


  • New plug-in for Blackmagic RAW editing in Avid Media Composer.
  • New plug-ins for Blackmagic RAW editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Added Blackmagic RAW Speed Test application.

Notice anything missing? Yep, no Final Cut Pro X but we have to remember that Apple has competiting ProRes RAW. Looks like we might have ourselves some raw wars.


And of course a new Resolve beta.

Avid extends support for codecs with ProRes RAW support and ProRes encode on Windows

This is some big news as this looks like an overall closer relationship between Avid and Apple in general and they even mention that in this presentation to vendors.

I’m sure this will get more discussion as Avid released the offical word on the coming support. This will put Avid in a place to support most all of the RAW formats out there I think.

Plus we’ll so get a new Bulk Edit for metadata in Media Composer (different than the column metadata entry we’ve had forever) as well as better sequence exchange with Adobe Premiere Pro! What is going on over at Avid?? They are getting along with everyone!!

Adobe helps you “get to the finish line faster” and previews Auto Reframe.

We don’t get a big feature update to Adobe Premiere Pro like we usually do (so the engineers are working hard on stablity and bug fixes I presume) but Adobe did release a big best practices guide to working with Adobe Premiere Pro. This will be a must read for editors coming to Premiere or editors who are having trouble with Premiere and it’s something that should have published years ago. Adobe asked me why I use PPro for a lot of my craft editing work and I told them that it’s because of the many different ways I can work in PPro that I can’t really do in the other NLEs. I really like the flexiblity.

Adobe also previewed the Auto Reframe technology coming to PPro later in the year to help reformat for social media. I wrote a piece of that earlier today.

Some interesting stuff out of IBC this moring for editors to be aware of. I’m off to teach for the day so we’ll see what the rese of IBC holds. Thanks for all those tweets Twitterers out there.

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