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Blackmagic Talks To PVC About The New URSA Studio Viewfinder: NAB 2016

The 4.6K and 4K URSA Mini’s Are To Be Capable of Live Production.

At NAB 2016, Blackmagic announced the new URSA Studio Viewfinder, a 7” studio viewfinder with variable tension mounting points, tally, external controls and more turning the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K and 4K cameras into studio cameras. Think Blackmagic Studio Camera software in the URSA Minis plus a great professional viewfinder. Once you add a B4 mount lens with lens controls you’ll have a fully functioning studio camera, only better. But, we not only talk about the new Studio Viewfinder. We also talk about the new User Interface in the URSA Minis as well as Blackmagic dropping “July” shipping dates.

Studio Why should Blackmagic add features to the URSA Minis’ to be more like a live production camera? Well, by adding those features the URSA Mini 4K and 4.6K become more flexible. These cameras will fit equally in a digital cinema shoot as a live production shoot. For owners/operators it means being able to use the cameras in more situations, which is always nice. For production companies it means you could have a camera crew arrive early, for a game of the week football game, and have the crew shoot bumps shots for the broadcast. Afterwards, they can then position their cameras for live shot duties.

What is the URSA Studio Viewfinder? It is a large 7” high resolution screen which seems like a great way  for camera operators, working on live events, to stand behind the camera and capture the action for as long as needed. The all metal design is durable and features the highest quality variable tension mounting points available, as well as an articulated arm so the viewfinder can be raised, lowered, moved forward and backward. These mounting points can be set for the perfect amount of resistance so shooters can pan and tilt the viewfinder to whatever position they need.

In the end, this means the 4.6K URSA Mini and 4K URSA Mini will be cameras capable of fitting into more situations. The more situations a camera does well in, the more satisfied owner/operators will be in their camera. Personally, I can’t wait to see production companies take advantage of a 15 Stop dynamic range camera, with great color science, for all of their live events.

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