13 Bags and Bundles for GoPro Cameras

After their series of rotation backpacks, MindShift Gear turn their attention to GoPro cameras and introduce 13 cases and bundles with modularity in mind.

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The MindShift GP Series is not just suited for GoPro cameras, but for all action cameras similar to the popular brand. Unlike other action camera bags on the market, the designers at MindShift focused on organization and ease of access. The philosophy behind the decision is simple, MindShift Gear told PVC: “there are so many GoPro gear variations we don’t believe that one size fits all.  This way action camera users can select the cases that fit the gear they actually carry and how they like to shoot.”

These bags were designed to manage cameras attachments, cameras and different accessories with ease. The series includes carrying cases for single or multiple cameras and provides easy organization for all the mounts, screws and accessories. Exploring the multiple configurations one feels as if Mindshift Gear looked at the experience from their sister company, Think Tank Photo, with special bags for accessories and cables, and introduced it here adapted to action cameras used in many outdoor activities by people wanting to share their lives’s most meaningfull experiences.

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“MindShift’s action camera cases are built for flexibility and accessibility,” said MindShift Gear’s CEO and lead designer Doug Murdoch. “We’ve designed the different cases and bundles with single camera or multi-camera users in mind. With MindShift’s action camera cases they can craft the GoPro kit that matches their own vision.”

The new series follows the same level of quality and design logic users of MindShift Gear are already familiar with. All fabric exterior is treated with a DWR coating while fabric underside is coated with PU for superior water resistance, YKK zippers, 100D shadow rip–stop nylon, 200D polyester, nylon webbing, nylon cord, 3–ply bonded nylon thread. The bags were conceived for organizing, storing, and accessing GoPro cameras and accessories, offering characteristics as multiple pockets for distributing small essentials, notched clear windows on interior pockets for easy access to your batteries, tether point to attach clip or lanyard or a clear window including a contents card to easily label your gear.

There are multiple models to choose from, depending on the needs of different users. There are, for example, two models for batteries and cards, the GP2 and GP4 Batteries and Cards. There is one GP Cables and Power whose name implies what it is designed for, as well as one GP LCD and Backdoor Case (designed specifically for Backdoors and Bacpacs).

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When it comes to mounts, the new system has three option:

  • GP Mounts–Small: Fits assorted small to medium mounts such as: The Frame, Handlebar/Seat post/Pole Mount, Roll Bar Mount, Tripod Mount, Curve + Flat Adhesive Mounts,Removable Instrument Mounts, Mic Stand, NVG Mount, Surfboard Mounts, Grab bag of Mounts. Dimensions: 5.3” W x 5.7” H x 1” D (13.5 x 14.5 x 2.5 cm). Weight: 2.5 oz. (71 g).
  • GP Mounts–Medium: Fits assorted large mounts such as: Chesty, Junior Chesty, Suction Cup, and Jaws. Also holds Jaws, Flex Clamp, Gooseneck, Head Strap + Quick Clip, Helmut Front Mount, Side Mount, Vented Helmut Strap Mount, NVG Mount, Surfboard Mounts, Grab Bag of Mounts. Dimensions: 7.1” W x 5.7” H x 1.2” D (18 x 18 x 3 cm). Weight: 3.5 oz.  (100 g).
  • GP Mounts–Large: Fits assorted large mounts such as: Chesty Junior Chesty, Suction Cup and Jaws. Also holds Flex Clamp, Gooseneck, Head Strap + Quick Clip, Wrist Housing, and Fetch, or 3–Way. Dimensions: 7.8” W x 7.8” H x 2.6” D. Weight: 4.2 oz. (119 g).

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For cameras MindShift Gear offers three different options: GP 1 Kit Case, GP 2 Kit Case and GP 4 Kit Case, with different capacity when it comes to the number of cameras carried, as well as three GP Bundles, Smalll Medium and Large for those that prefer to buy a bundle with all the items needed. The GP Bundle Large, for example, has “everything you need for your kit”, meaning it has one GP 4 Kit Case, one GP Cables & Power, oneGP Mounts Medium and one GP 4 Batteries & Cards.

With this collection to choose from, you can craft the GoPro kit that matches your own vision with a variety of convenient carrying options. Find more information about the system at MindShift Gear.


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