Canon C100 Short PULSE Debuts Online

Dan Carr
By Dan Carr 12.17.12

One of the first projects to be shot on the Canon C100 is now online.  Commissioned by Canon and directed by Emmy-award winner Patrick Moreau of stillmotion, the docu-short PULSE profiles the making of the BioBeats app, a new technology that utilizes cameras to generate custom music based on a human heart rate. 


Apparently this is thie first of a series of short films shot on the C100 so keep an eye out for more in the future.  I've written before about the C100 and the cost of it as a system compared with a DSLR system and the result favors the C100.  Several friends of mine who shoot lower budget documentary work have recently moved to the C100 and ditched their 5D setups and whilst the market broadens every month with lower priced large sensor cameras, the C100 remains one of the smaller packages for those looking for a lightweight solution not too dissimilar from their previous DSLR rigs.

Pulse by stillmotion from Canon Pro on Vimeo.

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