Wooden Camera’s URSA Mini Side Plate and Wireless Adapter

Wooden Camera is finding clever ways to mount accessories to the URSA Mini

There are times when a company releases the one product which will make your life a little easier as a shooter. For me, it is the Wooden Camera Wireless Side Plate Adapter for the URSA Mini. See, I come from the world where we have no separate audio recorder or mixer. I tend to shoot and record audio in the camera like, I assume, many of you do too. Wooden Camera, I believe, makes one of the better and smarter built wireless plates.


Wooden Camera’s Wireless Side Plate Adapter

Wooden CameraChaulk this down to “it just works.” I already have Wooden Camera’s full-sized URSA’s Wireless Side Plate Adapter and their Universal Wireless Side Plate attached to my URSA and I love how it places my wireless audio receivers out of the way and behind the camera. The set up is very much like how a news shooter may have a camera/audio solution set up. Having audio paced in the back and near the battery allows a shooter to focus on shooting while not having wireless audio receivers banging around or mounted to the camera handle. No, as a shooter you want everything to work smartly so you do not waste time or miss a moment.

Wooden Camera

Rosette Side Plate

The rosette side plate for the URSA Mini is another smart piece of kit. The right side, or the dumb side, of the camera, in my opinion, is really the only place to mount additional accessories. If you already have the URSA EVF and Top Handle, which work really well together, then you may not have a ton of space on the top of the camera to mount much of anything. By adding 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points to the side plate Wooden camera opens up the one side left to mount more accessories to the URSA Mini. This could be a great place to mount accessory arms for a wireless video transmitter for example.

Wooden Camera

In the end, a simple and small accessory can be the one piece of gear helping you focus on capturing great shots. For me, it is Wooden Camera’s wireless side plate adapter and the actual plate holding the wireless audio receivers. The placement is spot on and close to the XLR inputs so your audio will all be in the back of your camera.  Now, I am not beholden to Wooden Camera. They do not give me gear nor do I find all of their accessory kits necessary items for shooters. I tend to prefer fewer 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 plates attached to my camera because I like to keep my kit light-weight. If you catch yourself needing to capture wireless audio and shooting video simultaneously then above all else this small piece can impact your shooting experience in a big way.

Better Wireless adapter on ursa mini

Wooden Camera

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