Wooden Camera: new kits and power plates for Canon EOS C500 Mark II

Users of the Canon EOS C500 Mark II have more choice now, with a new series of accessories from Wooden Camera. The products now announced will all be available in time for Christmas.

Wooden Camera: new kits and power plates for Canon EOS C500 Mark II

Wooden Camera announced accessory kits and power plates compatible with the new Canon C500mkII are now available for pre-order. The new accessory kits will ship early December.

Wooden Camera has a new series of modular solutions to meet the needs for every shoot, from camera support to power. These production ready accessories come in three different flavors, to adapt to the needs of different filmmakers: BASE gives you the camera essentials, ADVANCED is small and dependable, while PRO is completely production ready.

Each kit includes the Top Plate (Canon C500mkII) and Unified Baseplate (C500mkII). The form fitting Top Plate features arrays of 1/4-20 holes in standard spacing and ARRI Accessory Mount in several places as well as 15mm rod opening at the front. Included with the Top Plate is a Canon LCD Bracket Adapter for reinstalling the L bracket and LCD that comes with the camera. Unified Baseplate (C500mkII) features an ARRI standard base plate quick releases in two ways, allowing you to keep the rods or leave them behind.

The three kits

The Canon C500mkII Unified Accessory Kit (Base) is a camera support package designed for the Canon C500mkII camera. The C500mkII accessory package includes: Top Plate (Canon C500mkII), a top mounting cheese plate for camera accessory attachment that also includes a Canon LCD / EVF Bracket Adapter (C500mkII, C200, C200B), the Unified Baseplate (Canon C500mkII, C200, C200B, C700), a quick release baseplate that holds two 15mm Rod (12″) at the correct lens height, and the Top Handle v2 for secure camera carrying.

Wooden Camera: new kits and power plates for Canon EOS C500 Mark II

The Canon C500mkII Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced) includes everything the Base kit has, except the Top Handle v2, which is exchanged with the NATO Handle Plus v2 Kit, a quick release handle for secure camera carrying. The kit also includes Wooden Camera’s Safety Dovetail (8″) for tripod mounting with counterbalance capabilities.

The Canon C500mkII Unified Accessory Kit (Pro) is similar to the Base and Advanced kits, but it has a Safety Dovetail (12″) for tripod mounting and counterbalancing instead of the 8” version used in the Advanced kit. It also includes Wooden Camera’s UVF Mount v2 for attaching Canon’s included LCD unit or external EVF to your rig, and a Battery Slide for attaching a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate that can directly mount to the included Rod Clamp (15mm LW).

These accessory kits are available for pre-order and will begin shipping in early December. Unified Baseplate and Power options are available now.

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