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A great reason to display new work and meet new clients

What a perfect way to say welcome to the redesign of ProPhotoCoalition.com as I have almost simultaneously relaunched tdphoto.com with an all new design. PPC's design is clean, so far easier to use from both sides, elegant and I just love it.

It's a lot of hard work to get a redesign done, even if you aren't the one doing the design work. I leave mine in the capable hands of my friend and one of my favorite designers, Shai Harary at h1media.com. He designed it based on my image specs and navigation ideas (simplified with larger images that scale for the device), and FINALLY set up to play on iOS devices. That part was way overdue. It was on Flash previously, and even with the XML on the back end, it needed to be redone from the ground up.

I'm handy with HTML/XML, updating was easy on the old site. But the Flash-based presentation had to go, and why would I keep an older design? Time for something fresh and new. He had one of his best developers build it on WordPress as a CMS, so after a little learning curve it was easy. 

It also gave me a chance to really push to get some great new work on there. I lined up some amazing new clients this year, and they are showcased on the site. It's making me look at my work and firing me up for more stuff. I'm so stoked on the new site and the new work I'm shooting now. 

And now with the great new look of PPC, I'm fired up about writing more here. Hoping to get more interactions with you out there, I love talking to people about photography. It fires me up and fuels me!

Here's to an amazing start for PPC, tdphoto.com, and all of our new adventures!

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