VRNRGY Power Pack: 8 hours of video streaming for the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest review published by PVC pointed to a problem of the VR headset: the two-hour limit of the built-in battery. Now there is a solution, and it costs only $34.99.

VRNRGY Power Pack: 8 hours of video streaming for the Oculus Quest

If you want to have a long session watching movies in the Oculus Quest, now you can. The two hour limitation is gone, thanks to the new VRNRGY Power Pack, which gives you plenty of power.

The Oculus Quest VR headset review published at PVC recently pointed to the battery as a potential limitation when using the headset for long periods of time. I wrote, then, that “I both love and hate the Quest: it’s great to watch a variety of content that interests me, but it’s terrible that the battery does not last long. Expect two to three hours of battery life, depending on what you’re watching, before you need to stop.” The problem is that the battery can not be exchanged, and you need to wait for it to recharge before you can continue. Apparently, that ends now, thanks to VRNRGY, that announced the VRNRGY Power Pack.

VRNRGY Power Pack: 8 hours of video streaming for the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest will soon offer the option to connect directly to a PC, through a USB 3.1 cable that will also provide the energy, but when you want to use the headset without being tethered, the battery may not be able to keep with your plans. The solution is the VRNRGY Power Pack, that triples game time or video streaming. According to the company, for video streaming you can get up to eight hours of power, so sit back and relax, because you have plenty of power to finish a few movies and grab some popcorn.  Which can be virtual, if you’re using Bigscreen.

VRNRGY Power Pack: 8 hours of video streaming for the Oculus Quest

Power pack adds to comfort

The company says that you can have up to 8 hours if you start with a fully charged Oculus Quest. Also according to VRNRGY, the headset will drain most of its power from the Power Pack, tripling the available battery capacity. This does suggest that when you need to recharge the Power Pack, the Quest will still have enough battery to keep working for a while, in case you need it. Eight hours, though, will be more than enough for most people.

Powered by Samsung Li-Ion, the Power Pack includes 7,000 mAh of performance power that does not overheat, as well as custom cables for charging the power bank and your Quest. The power pack is placed on the back of the Quest, and works as counter-balance, with improved weight distribution that releases pressure off the face so you can feel centered in any position. VRNRGY says that the power pack is comfortably but firmly held in place by a breathable neoprene strap custom-made for the Quest.

The accessory, which costs $34.99, is a welcome addition to the Oculus Quest, as it offers a solution that is both accessible and expands the time the VR headset can be used, when not tethered to a PC. VRNRGY also offers a Protective Cover for Oculus Quest, priced at $19.99, to protect it from damage while using and transporting. Made from high quality neoprene so your Quest will not overheat, the cover does not interfere with camera functionality and tracking.

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