Video Podcasting Station debuts at NAB 2018

Marshall Electronics and MXL Microphones introduce at 2018 NAB Show their Visual Podcasting Station (VPS) bundles to make it simple to create live video podcasts.

Video Podcasting Station debuts at NAB 2018

MXL microphones and accessories, and Marshall cameras are used to create customized kits designed specifically for podcasters who want to add live video to their broadcasts.

Video can breathe new life into a podcaster’s production, increasing engagement from the public, as podcasters struggle to breakthrough on social media. Additionally, taking advantage of broadcast-quality audio and video equipment, coupled with live streaming and podcasting software such as HDV Mixer, OBS Studio, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live, has become a necessity to grow and reach new audiences.

Aware of that specific need, Marshall Electronics and MXL Microphones have introduced customized kits that will be demonstrated at the 2018 NAB Show. The new MXL Visual Podcasting Station (VPS) Bundles include MXL microphones and accessories, and Marshall cameras, making it simpler than ever to stream high-quality video podcasts, either from your desktop or a laptop.

“MXL has always been an innovative brand,” says Scott Krueckeberg, Brand Manager for MXL Microphones. “The MXL VPS bundles are providing a real turn-key solution for producing video podcasts that offer both high performance and affordability.”

To support specific podcast needs, the bundles – VPS Solo and VPS Duo – are offered for solo broadcasting, interview-style broadcasting and broadcasting from the field. The MXL Visual Podcasting Station (VPS) Bundles are configured with combinations of the following products:

  • MXL BCD-1 Live Broadcast Microphone
  • MXL BCD-Stand Articulated Swivel Arm Mount
  • MXL Mic Mate Pro XLR-to-USB Adapter
  • MXL USB Hub
  • Marshall CV502-U3 USB-powered POV Camera with stock 2.3mm lens
  • Marshall CV-4706 6mm Interchangeable Lens

Video Podcasting Station debuts at NAB 2018

The Marshall CV502-U3 Miniature Camera included in the bundles delivers FullHD video and power over a single USB 3.0 cable and comes with a stock 2.3mm 126-degree angle-of-view lens. Also included in the bundle is the Marshall CV-4706 6mm lens, offering a targeted 48-degree angle-of-view for up-close recordings.

MXL’s BCD-1 Live Broadcast Dynamic Microphone is a standout broadcasting mic, with special hinged mic stand for easy handling, and built-in shock mount to negate vibrations and unwanted noise. Combined with MXL’s Mic Mate Pro audio interface, which converts XLR to USB, and the included MXL USB Hub, the VPS bundles provide users with everything needed to instantly produce high-quality live-stream video podcasts from the convenience of a home computer or laptop.

The MXL VPS Bundles will be on display at the 2018 NAB Show (Marshall Booth C6508).

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