You can see from the below image that there’s some new naming options as well:


It nice to have the different custom naming options so you can tailor clips to different workflows. It would appear though that all files get either a _main or _proxy suffix. This is nice if you’re doing an offline / online workflow but if you are only creating full rez ProRes files (which I would guess most people are) I would prefer to NOT add an _main suffix. That’s just superfluous naming that you really don’t need when working at one resolution.

Speaking of things that are missing … if you look at the FCP screen grab above you’ll see nothing in the Reel column. It would be really nice if Grinder could add the filename (or something similar) to the Reel column so FCP’s Dupe Detection would work. Media Composer is smart enough to track Dupe Detection without a Reel name but FCP isn’t (and Premiere Pro doesn’t do it at all).


You can see in the image above the MVI_0002 clip has had a Reel name added so FCP’s Dupe Detection works.

And speaking of Media Composer, it’s a pipe dream of mine that someday, some DSLR transcoding tool will add the option to transcode to Avid DNxHD .mxf files. Yes Media Composer can work with ProRes and native H.264 but full Avid .mxf files are still the best way to work in Avid. How wonderful if an affordable transcode tool could transcode DSLR media into an Avid compliant DNxHD .mxf format. My dream will have to go on.

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