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Not sure that you’ve noticed, but tripod articles aren’t to plentiful out there. When I was with DV magazine and then Studio Monthly, I spent a good deal of time trying to get the staff to write about tripods. The first time I tried to push the subject, it was because I was personally looking for a tripod in the $1,500-$2,000 range. I couldn’t find a lot of good info.

Fast forward to today and now I’ve decided that my focus on the PVC will be on Tripods, Lighting and all-around production accessories and gear. Stay tuned…

It’s a shame the latest issue of misses the mark a little in my opinion for a cover story. Yes it’s on Tripods, but it’s more of a discussion on how they’re built. An interesting read mind you, but not so much as to why a $2,000 tripod is better than a $1,000 and why. However, check out this issue, where Will Holloway talks a little bit about various accessories.

So in the end, we’re going to be review some tripods here. Look at lighting, kits and stand-alone lights, and of course we’ll also look at gear, grip equipment and more. I’m also looking for a writer to help me with this column. If you’re interested email:

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