Triple Scoop Music: membership plans for music licensing

Founded in 2006 to simplify the process of licensing world-class music, Triple Scoop Music enters 2018 with a new option: membership!

Triple Scoop Music: membership plans for music licensing

The new membership plans from Triple Scoop Music offer event filmmakers and pro photographers access to more than 35,000 songs, so they can find and license the perfect music for any project.

Whether you need music for photo slideshows, indie films, small business videos, corporate videos, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Kickstarter videos, charity & nonprofit films, TV commercials, feature films or something else, Triple Scoop Music may be a destination to explore. The new membership option, introduced this year, is designed to make the whole music licensing process easy so you can get the right sound for your video, film and photo projects.

Tamara Lackey, Bill Frakes, Sue Bryce, Joe McNally or Bambi Cantrell are some of the professionals whose name appears associated with Triple Scoop Music, not just as clients, but also as the authors of TSM “Signature”playlists. The music-licensing company has partnered with top photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals to create these playlists, each one featuring award-winning music for popular photo and video themes. Simply pick your favorite songs and select a license type to match your projects.

Triple Scoop Music: membership plans for music licensing

The whole licensing process is easy and made of three parts: browse, license, download. The website has award-winning music for every type of film, video or photo project. Start by finding the perfect song from TSM’s collections, playlists and categorized browsing. Once you find it, proceed to  acquire the license, which allows you to legally use music in your business, from YouTube videos and photo slideshows to Film & TV. Finally download your purchased song, which includes the highest quality music files in WAV and MP3 format. Download exactly what you need to make your project the very best.

How does it work and what does it cost? Let’s pick an example. You’re an independent videographer or event filmmaker and want to use your licensed song within unlimited personal videos for your clients (weddings, family, kids and similar personal, non-business presentations). The license also covers slideshows & videos showcasing your video work (e.g. “Demo reel”) on the web and social media including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. You pay $60.

The price comes with some restrictions you should be aware of. It is important to remember that this single-user license does not cover videos for your small business clients, corporate/commercial or non-profit projects. (If you need this coverage, choose TSM’s “Small Business” or “Corporate” license for your project.) Small business will cost you $120, while Corporate has a price tag of $299. It should also be noted that this is a single-user license only, and does not cover multiple users/employees or multiple business locations, for which TSM has other options.

Triple Scoop Music: membership plans for music licensing

The new membership offers other options, so if you use music regularly in your productions, it might make sense. With a TSM Membership, you’ll now have daily access to more than 35,000+ songs by the world’s best independent artists, songwriters and composers. For example, the one year membership for an event filmmaker costs $600, although at the moment there is a special price of $499. It gives access to music for unlimited videos and event films.

With a membership plan for an event filmmaker you can license and download up to 20 songs per calendar day and you can choose from  the entire catalog of music, over 35,000 songs, you are allowed to monetize your videos on YouTube, and even if your subscription ends, the music license for each specific video already created is perpetual and it never expires. The membership plan has other perks and restrictions, so you should read through all the information available to each plan, but this gives you a general idea of the new solution offered by Triple Scoop Music.

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