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Bob Draper

I remember as far back as 15 years I was losing photo competitions to people with images featuring a certain look, but on talking to them it was clear there photography knowledge was limited. Eventually I found out they were using Topaz tools and things like SilverFX. So judges seem to prefer images modified thus whatever their pontifications. I think we’re stuck with it.

It’s interesting though from the point of photo competition rules, that these AI programs effectively use millions of other images to modify yours. So is it really your work? Photographic societies now have the problem of updating their rules.

Mike Peterson

As always, new methods and tools will threaten some who are knowledgeable with past methods. I’m old and come from the time where the art tools were the same throughout history. I had to learn the old ways. It helps to know them, but that skill will eventually fade. The good thing about art, is that we have a history, and a reference. I myself love the new tools, and I love tech. Yes the kids now are lacking deep understanding, but you can spot that if you have a discernible eye. The modern judges will eventually evolve too, as everyone’s pictures become quality photos, the skills of composition and subject are going to win out, as it should be. Because for me, photography never was about the process, it only becomes art when we see the point of the photographer. The other is just an exercise in technique.

Mike Peterson

It’s a tool. Of course you can overdue it just like a hammer. There is no tool that you cannot overuse. The trick is to have enough discretion to see if you are going too far. THAT is the real issue. Being able to look at something and critically see it is really what this is all about, not A.I.

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