This Revolution Will (by definition) Be Televised

To paraphrase Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, this writer’s strike will end someday. Amid more and more speculation as to the irreperable damage being done to the Hollywood studio system is a major ray of hope for thousands of aspiring filmmakers – not just those outside the system currently, but even those striking writers – particularly the ones with an entrepreneurial streak.

And help is lining up. Just today, the mother of all alternative distribution channels, YouTube, announced a somewhat unclear yet promising expansion of its revenue sharing model which, when combined with their earlier announcement (also vague) that quality will improve in 2008 starts to make digital distribution a real and appealing option. Meanwhile, Flash 9 now supports HD, one more arrow in the arsenal of AMP beta.

Mark my words: the differentiator on youtube will move from sensationalism t0 production values, or the public will move on from youtube to the distributor that has them. A well-written story with poor visuals is certainly better than a fabulous looking vacuum of ideas, but a good looking, entertaining movie or series that can be created without the middleman? Now there’s the money. All it takes is teamwork by people who can write, edit, pull off some great color or visual effects work, light, and/or shoot.

There’s some fun and adventure to be had here.

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