The Transcriptive Suite: video production workflow using AI, for Premiere Pro

Digital Anarchy is at IBC 2018, to unveil a new suite of intelligent transcript, search and collaboration tools for broadcast, filmmaking and documentary and new media production.

The Transcriptive Suite: video production workflow using AI for Premiere Pro

The new Transcriptive Suite offers a plugin for automated intelligent transcription and PowerSearch, a powerful metadata search engine working within Adobe Premiere Pro.

Digital Anarchy is joining Speechmatics in their booth at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam this week as it unveils a new suite of intelligent transcript, search and collaboration tools for video production: the Transcriptive Suite.

The Transcriptive Suite by Digital Anarchy is a result of the company’s new strategy to deliver a fully-integrated product family that uses Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and metadata to automate and simplify video production workflow. The Transcriptive Suite provides, according to the company, a compelling solution for broadcast, filmmaking and documentary and new media production, and is designed to enable the corporate enterprise, sports organizations, government agencies with their video production requirements.

The Digital Anarchy team will be demonstrating PowerSearch in the Speechmatics stand #8.E17, one of their Machine Learning and Automatic Speech Recognition partners, at IBC 2018 this week. Speechmatics has used decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology used for real-time or pre-recorded audio and video files, and supporting a significant number of languages and dialects. Digital Anarchy leverages ASR technology in the new Transcriptive Suite, delivering actionable and efficient tools to the video production community.

The Transcriptive Suite: video production workflow using AI for Premiere Pro

Transcriptive Suite is a combination of software plugins and a web-based SaaS platform that work as an integrated platform for transcription, search, and collaboration.  Each product can also be used individually for intelligent transcription, robust video metadata search, and shared editing amongst the creative team and/or client.The Transcriptive Suite harnesses the natural language processing advancements developed by Speechmatics, and comprises three new products and services from Digital Anarchy: Transcriptive.com, PowerSearch for Adobe Premiere Pro and the Transcriptive Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Transcriptive.com: An intelligent and highly-adaptable speech-to-text web service that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural speech processing to deliver fast, accurate and searchable transcripts.
  • PowerSearch for Adobe Premiere Pro: A powerful metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and opens as a panel. This intelligent new search capability enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches.
  • Transcriptive Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro: An automated, intelligent transcription plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro editors, specifically designed to automatically transcribe video using speech and natural language processing engines to achieve an extremely high accuracy rate at a very low cost.

The Transcriptive Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro is available immediately and is priced at $299.00. PowerSearch for Adobe Premiere will be available later this fall for $149.00 for new users, and special pricing of $69.00 for current Transcriptive Plugin customers.

Transcriptive.com is in its final phases of beta testing and will be generally available in Q4 2018. Pricing for Transcriptive.com will be on a subscription basis, and bundled pricing for the Transcriptive Suite will be announced at that time. Follow the link for more information on PowerSearch and the Transcriptive Plugin.

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