The Sony 6K VENICE Menu Simulator Online Now

Take a spin to see the new simpler Sony menu on the VENICE

Camera Assistants, Owner – Operators, and DPs the Sony VENICE Menu Simulator is online and waiting for you and your curiosity. Well, maybe I’m overhyping this a touch. It is a menu simulator for the VENICE and it is online, but I doubt it is waiting for you. Now future users can be learn the new camera’s menu system so they are ready to take the VENICE out for a shoot once it arrives at your doorstep sometime in February.

I have taken the VENICE simulator for a spin and one big take away is the new Menu is cleaner and simpler than any other Sony menu I have used before. The menu also features a countdown for potentially rented licenses like the Full-Frame or Anamorphic licenses. There is also a depth of field section on the Menu Simulator which could be handy for those shooting Full-Frame. Another Feature found in the Sony VENICE Menu simulator is the built-in 8-step optical ND filter system which also allows remote control. Check out the VENICE Menu Simulator HERE:

Sony VENICE Firmware Path

Version 2.0 Firmware:

  • Imager mode – 4K 6:5 Anamorphic, 6K 1.85:1, 6K 17:9, 6K 3:2 25p, 6K 3:2 In-camera playback, 4K 4:3 25p 29p
  • Supporting Lens mount – E-mount (lever lock type)
  • Recording format – Apple ProRes
  • Simul. Rec combination – RAW / X-OCN 0& Apple ProRes
  • Shooting function – Select FPS, Dual Base ISO
  • Monitor Out function – Additional preset MLUTs, User 3DLUT
  • Shooting Assist function – Surround View, Dot by Dot Magnification, Auto White Balance, High-Lo Key, False Colour in Viewfinder
  • Hardware – Operator side CLIPS button
  • Network – Wired LAN control (partial)

Version 3.0 Firmware:

  • Imager mode – 5.7K 16:9, 6K 2.39:1
  • Simul. Rec combination – XAVC 4K/QFHD & Apple ProRes Proxy, RAW/X-OCN & XAVC 4K/QFHD
  • Shooting function – Paint menu (Custom mode), Cache Rec. (AXS, SxS)
  • Monitor Out function – 12G-SDI (for 4K 50/60p)
  • Shooting Assist function – False Color
  • Hardware – Remote S700 Protocol, 12pin lens remote
  • Network function – Wired LAN control (FULL MENU), Wireless LAN control (with CBK-WA02)

VENICE has an established workflow with support from Sony’s RAW Viewer v3, and third-party vendors including Filmlight Baselight v5Davinci Resolve v14.3, and Assimilate Scratch v8.6.

In a highly competitive camera market, Sony seems to have its ear pointed to the voices of potential customers and they are trying hard to make a very flexible and long living camera. For example, Sony has heard many requests for high frame rates. Sony claims to be working to implement this feature and make it available at a later date. As for how high those frame rates will be they will not say. 

The VENICE CineAlta motion picture camera system will be available this month, February 2018. VENICE version 2.0 firmware upgrades will be available in summer 2018.Optional licenses are required for Full Frame and anamorphic shooting. For more information about the VENICE platform, please visit


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