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Why would you want a separate app to sync audio and video clips?

This week on MacBreak Studio, Sam Mestman from FCPworks.com returns to make the case for Sync-N-Link X for Final Cut Pro X.

As he explains to Steve Martin of Ripple Training, Sync-N-Link X not only performs batch synchronization (syncing clips with Final Cut Pro X is done serially – one pair at a time), it also automatically assigns metadata to the synced clips making them much easier to work with in Final Cut. For anyone working with dual-system audio, especially in scripted productions, the benefits of this app will be abundantly clear.

Sam's sample case is a day of shooting on feature film, where the audio and video clips have already been imported into Final Cut Pro X. He first shows the currently assigned names of these clips and the audio components, then exports an XML file of the event, and then uses Sync-N-Link X to sync the clips and assign metadata fields, which of course can be customized.

He then imports the XML back into Final Cut Pro X, which creates a new event, and shows how the audio components have been renamed based on the names applied by the sound recordist in the field. The process is fast and straight-forward, and if you've ever spent time trying to figure out which dual-system audio file needs to be synced with which video file, you'll get the power of this application immediately. Watch the video to see all the details.

Author disclosure: I know the authors of Sync-N-Link X but have no financial relationship with them whatsoever.


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