SOUL Solar Scroll: portable energy for smartphone filmmakers

Unveiled this month in Las Vegas, the SOUL Solar Scroll is a military grade rollable solar panel with an integrated battery to charge mobile devices on the go.

SOUL Solar Scroll: portable energy for smartphone filmmakers

Able to power your GoPro camera 4 or 5 times with one charge, the SOUL Solar Scroll is a compact solar charging solution for limitless outdoor applications, available this quarter in North America.

Lightweight, at just 300 grams, the SOUL Solar Scroll features a 5200 mAh battery and 5W C.I.G.S. (military grade) solar panel, a 5V 2.0 quick charge output, optimum tracking capability, and an 800 mAh solar panel 1A adapter. It is weatherproof and can be powered by the sun, or by plugging in to a wall outlet or USB charging station.  Scheduled to be available in the first quarter of the year, it’s priced at $129.00.

The Scroll, as the creators behind the product call it, is the result of a dream: to create a range of eco-friendly products, which are efficient and more importantly affordable for all. Soul Inventions, the company behind the SOUL Solar Scroll has worked tirelessly to bring this concept to life. Equipped with the most advanced, reliable, durable and flexible solar panel, according to them, the Scroll is built to last. It is both lightweight and efficient. To use it simply unroll the panel and let it soak up the energy from the sun while you sunbathe.

SOUL Solar Scroll: portable energy for smartphone filmmakers

SOUL Solar Scroll : built to last

Built from CIGS military grade amorphous thin film, the panels are presented as extremely durable, lightweight, waterproof and flexible. They can be rolled up like a Yoga mat in seconds and, unlike most other solar panels, they also work efficiently in overcast conditions. This is the ultimate multi-purpose solar panel that can survive the harshest of environments and still function efficiently when pushed to its limits. When individual cells are damaged, burnt, torn or cut, the whole unit will still function, only minimally affecting overall power or charge time.

The SOUL Solar Scroll may not be the power source to keep all your gear working, but it can provide you with enough energy to power your tablet, action camera, even keep a laptop running. And yes, it will power your smartphone, which can be an important thing to know, if you’re using it for film making. That’s a good reason to feature the product here at ProVideo Coalition.

SOUL Solar Scroll: portable energy for smartphone filmmakers

Power banks have limitations

“Think of that long journey when your phone died on you or that epic camping trip where you were not able to capture those breathtaking views because your camera was completely drained,” said Nick Cunningham, president C2W (China 2 West), SOUL’s parent company. “We have all experienced this at some point. Yes, taking additional power banks will temporarily solve the problem, but then again the power is limited and not sustainable. We are in the 21st century where we love packing minimally and getting the most out of everything. The Solar Scroll addresses these challenges.”

Soul Inventions says that “using custom-made maximum power point tracking electronics ensures that the full potential of the solar panel is used to charge the battery or power an external device at any time” and that “Scroll is designed to get the best charging efficiency at all times in all weather conditions.” As a final note, the company says that the Solar Scroll outclasses the competition, showing on their site data to support the claim.

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