Sony RMT-P1BT: a remote commander for photo and movie shooting

Sony announced a new Wireless Remote Commander using Bluetooth, a reliable solution for precise camera control in challenging environments, a new tool for photography and video.

Sony RMT-P1BT: a remote commander for movie shooting

Control your camera remotely without the need for wires, cables or even a receiver. The new Wireless Remote Commander, model RMT-P1BT, does everything you need and costs only $79.99.

Communicating over Bluetooth Standard Ver. 4.2 (2.4 GHz band), the Sony RMT-P1BT provides, says Sony, “the type of reliable operation that is essential in professional working environments, with solid Bluetooth connectivity and positive, responsive button control. Because communication is wireless rather than optical, full reliability and response are available even in situations where the line of sight is obscured.” This is, to a certain extent, similar to what  radio wireless remotes do, the difference here is that you don’t need to buy a transmitter/receiver pair, just the Sony RMT-P1BT.

Bluetooth communication provides reliable remote control even in bright sunlight or when there are obstacles between the commander and the camera. Bidirectional communication allows additional functionality that would not be available with a transmit-only device, such as status indication right on the remote. There is another advantage, if you use to work in challenging environments: as the RMT-P1BT works with the camera’s built-in Bluetooth receiver, no wired connection or add-on receiver is required, meaning camera connector covers can remain closed for maximum protection against dust and moisture, adding to high overall system reliability.

Sony RMT-P1BT: a remote commander for movie shooting

Firmware update and compatibility

Despite its small size, with dimensions of 1 5/16 x 4 5/8 x 5/8 inches (33 x 116.5 x 15.1 mm) and a weight of 1.3 oz (35 g) without the battery, the unit provides an alternative reliable solution for anyone who wants to precisely control “their camera during landscape shooting, architectural photography, astrophotography, still motion photography, group portraits and more.”

As modern Sony cameras all have Bluetooth connection options, all you need is this accessory to control the camera. A firmware update is required and those interested should check the Sony support page for details and camera compatibility information.

The remote features an extremely fast response, says Sony, within approximately 0.05 seconds release time-lag, that ensures the shutter can be released with precise accuracy.  There is also an LED light that indicates operating status to camera by flashing or lighting continuously.

Sony RMT-P1BT: a remote commander for movie shooting

A remote commander for movie shooting

The new Sony RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander has all functions needed to maximize control of the camera it is used with. It features focus buttons for manual control over subtle focus changes. For photographers who prefer to shoot on “Bulb” exposure mode, the remote commander can be set to open and close the shutter with respective clicks of the main button, eliminating the need to press and hold the button throughout exposure time.

The remote includes a lock switch that prevents accidental operation during transport and there are also two custom buttons that mirror the functions of the C1 (a custom button that can be adjusted based on users preferences)  and AF-ON buttons on the camera body.

The Sony RMT-P1BT remote commander is also the ideal accessory for remote movie shooting, as it includes Start/Stop movie recording and control over power-zoom or digital-zoom functionality.

The RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Commander will ship in April 2019 for approximately $80 US and $110 CA.  The remote commander will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

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Taking into consideration, that Sony has NOT implemented a zoom control in their for Macbook, the introduction of RMT-P1BT looks like an insult to all Sony (for Macbook) users.