SLR Magic Introduces Image Enhancer Pro Filter

SLR Magic helping you capture clearer pics with better color.

SLR Magic introduces the Image Enhancer Pro (IE Pro). The filter is to help increase clarity of image and fix color shifting from light contamination beyond the visible spectrum. What makes the IE Pro different from other filters is the IE Pro optimizes the light spectrum from 200nm to 1,200nm to ensure the image captured on your camera look as natural to the human eye as possible.


As many of you may already know, many digital cameras can be susceptible to infrared light contamination. This contamination leads to a color cast usually found in the blacks, especially in dark color fabrics, and can turn this neutral color into a reddish or burgundy color. Trust me when I say this IR pollution is damn near impossible to color grade out.

Usually, IR filters are used to address color shift and infrared contamination and hot mirror filters rates at 680nm, 700nm, or 750nm usually help produced blacker blacks but can create strange skin tone. Sometimes an IR filter can be too strong and can produce a green of red shift. If handing off footage this can type of color cast can be a little off-putting for the client.

What the Image Enhancer Pro (IE Pro) is designed to do it give you the cleanest image possible. No color casts caused by the filter and no IR light pollution. Plus, SLR Magic has put 50 layers of multi-coating into the IE Pro to reduce reflections, flare, attenuate UV and Infrared light to help you capture the most accurate color with cleaner blacks and true skin tones. The Image Enhancer Pro will be available October 2016.

The big question for SLR Magic and the Image Enhancer Pro will be how well this new filter will stack up against Formatt Filter’s Firecrest filters and other leading filter manufacturers’ IR filtration? Two things SLR Magic needs for the Image Enhancer Pro to be a hit: 1. it needs to provide clean images like Firecrest filters. 2. It needs to be cheaper. Let’s hope they succeed on both accounts. The Image Enhancer Pro will be available October 2016.

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