SliderONE, the world’s most portable slider

Edelkrone continues to create small accessories for video enthusiasts. Now they presented the world’s most portable slider, with a 15 cm travel and able to carry up to 20 lbs (9 kg).


Carry only the most frequently used part of your slider, says Edelkrone, while introducing their newest toy, SliderONE, which may seem a little too short for those slider shots you always dream about. The company says their new piece of equipment has the right dimension.

According to Edelkrone, experienced video editors know that most of the slider shots are cut during post, and that when that happens, what remains from many shots is a fraction that corresponds to the path travelled by their SliderONE… so why should we carry more than the 15cm long slider?


It’s obvious that many will not agree with the justification Edelkrone found for their SliderONE, but the truth is that the small slider can be a good friend for those “one-man band” video companies that need to carry all their gear in a backpack. Edelkrone also says that with our eyes being only 2.4 inches (6cm) apart from each other the 6 inches (15cm) travel of the SliderONE can do wonders, as they deliver a much longer travel, allowing for enough slide movement in close-ups and mid-range shots, giving a good enough sense of depth to many productions.

Faced with the perspective of not using a slider at all, and having the 15cm SliderONE in your backpack with just 230mm on the longer end and 559 g of weight, it is obvious most videographers will choose the second option. And because the SliderONE is from Edelkrone, it was built so it works well with their FlexTilt Head, allowing users to carry the most compact and portable solution allowing multiple capabilities in terms of video capture.

As any slider, the SliderONE offers friction adjustment, so users can use the amount of drag they want. The accessory also offers a locking dial, to adjust the SliderONE in any position you want.

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