Shoot tethered with TetherPro USB-C cables

With the new TetherPro USB-C cables, now announced, photographers are invited to ditch the dongle, adapter or other less practical connections when shooting directly to a computer.

Shoot tethered with TetherPro USB-C cables

Tether Tools cable product line will feature 12 TetherPro USB-C cables, meaning you’ll find the one for your camera, for a new experience when shooting tethered.

Specialists in tethering solutions, Tether Tools have a new product available for photographers shooting tethered with cameras or computers that feature a USB-C connection. No adapters or dongles are necessary, meaning the frustration is gone. The 12 TetherPro USB-C cables, all available in either black or high-visibility orange, specifically designed for tethered photography and image transfer, will allow professionals to choose the cable or cables they need for their cameras.

Shoot tethered with TetherPro USB-C cables

The new USB-C port reflects the advancement of technology, offering more bandwidth to maintain the interactive experience users have come to expect, but created some connection problems. One such example is the MacBook Pro, from Apple, released with no standard USB port, but offering fours USB-C ports. Without the standard USB port on their new laptop, photographers were forced to add a USB-C to USB-A adapter to their tethered workflow to use the new MacBook Pro. The new cables from Tether Tools put an end to that.

Tether Tools now offers USB-C to USB-C cables, and USB-A to USB-C cables for those using USB-C cameras, such as Hasselblad H6 or X series, Panasonic GH5, Sony a7R III and other new cameras on the market. For photographers who have USB 2.0 and 3.0 cameras and have upgraded to USB-C computers, TetherPro USB-C to each existing camera port type will also be available. And to serve those who would like to simply extend an existing cable to a USB-C computer port, a 15-foot USB-A to USB-C adapter joins the TetherPro solutions line. TetherPro USB-C cables will be available in a variety of lengths up 15 feet with the option to add USB Extensions for increased length.

Shoot tethered with TetherPro USB-C cables

Whether working in-studio or on location, Tether Tools is committed to making a photographer’s photo shoot go as smooth as possible. Eliminating the dongle and providing a single cable for photographers, regardless of the camera or computer in their workflow, is a tremendous advance in simplifying the unique needs of a photographer.

Provide photographers with the optimal cable to meet their unique needs for tethered photography, without the use of dongles, whether they have a USB-C port on their camera, computer, or both, is the aim of the company, known for its solutions for tethered shooting. The new cables, introduced to the market after extensive development and testing, can be found on the company’s website. TetherPro USB-C cables are intended for data transfer and will not support powering USB-C devices at long distances.


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