Sharp shows 85 inch 8K monitor in Europe

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), in Amesterdam, Sharp unveils its latest display technology, including for the first time in Europe, a preview of an 85” 8K monitor, currently only available in Japan.

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Already available in Japan since October last year, the new monitor from Sharp is the world’s first commercially available 8K display, an ultra-high resolution 85” monitor featuring Sharp’s IGZO technology, its broadest ever colour palette and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging for true-to-life image reproduction.

The monitor was shown as a prototype at CES 2013, and arrived to the market, in Japan, last October. The 7680×4320-pixel screen (which we should probably call UHDTV, as 8K Digital Cinema is 8192×4329), makes even a 4K UHD display, with its 3840×2160 seem small or low resolution. The new monitor occupies – truly – an area of the stand entirely dedicated to cutting edge technology. There, for obvious reasons, visitors can also find the latest addition to Sharp’s 4K portfolio, the PN-H801 80” display, also featuring an extended colour palette. This product combines Sharp’s unique UV2A LCD technology, a 4K embedded media player, ultra-slim aluminium bezels, and 24/7 reliability, to offer retailers and technical users a versatile and reliable display.

Sid Stanley, European General Manager, Visual Solutions said, “In 2015 we reaped the rewards of our investment in R&D, our partners and our channel strategy and saw our Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) business double in size. To continue this momentum we’re adding new products to our range, and working with partners to bring these products to life in new ways. Our stand shows a leap forward in innovation, and our commitment to inspiring new ideas from technology.”

Building on its ground-breaking range of interactive flat panel displays (IFPD), Sharp also launched the 70” wireless BIG PAD PN-70TW3 designed to make meetings more engaging. Up to ten people can now wirelessly connect their laptops or mobile devices to BIG PAD at the same time, to share what’s on their screens, to transfer files and to make notes. A new split screen function lets up to four users share their mobile screens on BIG PAD at once, helping make meetings more productive.

Sharp will also launch a 65” IFPD – PN-VC651B – with 6-point touch and annotation software, to meet the growing demand for interactive solutions, and preview a full new range of large format displays (LFDs), with embedded system on chip. The range will be available in 32” – 65” sizes.

Other stand highlights include a wall of three BIG PADs, configured to form a huge interactive surface, showing how Sharp’s Touch Viewing software can offer powerful project collaboration, and as part of the 8K zone, four PNH701 displays will create a 140“ 8K Video Wall, offering amazingly detailed large-scale imagery in a unique set-up.

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