Setting the East Versus West Coast Transmedia Clash

Leaders from USC Annenberg’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) convened Wednesday, June 4 to discuss transmedia and the ways it differs from coast to coast. The two hour discussion, entitled “East Coast Transmedia versus West Coast Transmedia,” was one of the monthly meetups hosted by the group Transmedia Los Angeles, which aims to “bring together the leading minds in the Transmedia continuum to share ideas, experiences, knowledge, techniques and activities.”

The evening’s speakers were Geoffrey Long, Technical Director and Research Fellow at USC Annenberg AIL, and Erin Reilly, AIL Creative Director and Research Fellow, who referenced everything from Doctor Who, Transformers, Alan Awake, Buffy, The Harry Potter Alliance, Caine’s Arcade and even this Mr. Clean ad campaign during their discussion of transmedia from coast to coast.

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