How To Recognise A Modern Transmedia Audience

As I type this I like to check and read what I write on my mobile at the same time. To see how it looks, flows, feels.

Smartphones and tablets are great devices. You know from looking at the research that the audience loves them too – so portable and so personal.

As I write – 50% of emails in the world are opened on mobile. 3 years ago it was around than 10%.

Have you got experience in delivering content onto mobiles? It’s about as far away from TV and cinema as you can really get.

Mobile – A Very Personal Connection

Mobile requires a very different approach to the audience– it’s got to be as personal as you can make it.

Also when checking this post I’m asking myself – does it deliver valuable insight into the future of the media industry? Does it provide useful information? Does it give you advice you can put into action?

That is what I am aiming for. I want to provide the best ‘how to’ content on increasing audiences and profits – for traditional media companies and independent disruptors like you.

My mission is to up the game. Improve opportunities for media businesses. Plus create better quality experiences for the audience on new devices and platforms.

It’s my passion, obsession and business all rolled into one.

And I will always be sure to make it read well on mobile.

Distracted from Distraction by Distraction – T S Elliot

I’m not distracted – are you?

I’m super focused – in blocks of time when I turn everything off in order to concentrate on my work.

But then other times I’m a glutton and a screen potato: media, social, sms, calls, films, tv, games, music – and that’s just before I get out of bed in the morning!


Don’t you love it when a story reaches out to you across different platforms with charm and character?

And don’t you hate it when you follow the trail and find a webpage that reads like an IMDB listing with banal updates from the press room.

It’s a real shame when stories go flat over different platforms – but when they’re rich with a pure idea that keeps you hooked in and wanting more – it outweighs other distractions and gets you to focus on what could happen next.

The Power Shift – The Get Out Clause

Here’s a statement I heard a while ago but it still rings true…

“When people get to a web page – the thing they most often do is…


It took a while for this to sink in.

But it sums up the whole issue of switching mind-set from old media to new media.

Yes, in the past people could switch channels on a TV or get up and walk out of the cinema – but on the whole the audience were much more captive.

The web changed the way people engage with media. The web is 99% distraction. Mix this with the proliferation of TV content as digital channels exploded and you’re looking at massive change and more choice across the board.

Plus the amount of media and information being produced and published increases every day.

So you must appreciate the fact that our lovely audience has much more choice – and that means POWER.

So The Modern Audience Are Mobile, Distracted and Powerful?

Makes them sound like a villainous movie monster doesn’t it?

They’re not so bad!

This post is part of my ongoing exploration into modern media culture, audiences and business. You can read more here.

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