RØDECaster Pro: How to broadcast live without any computer 3
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Angelo J Kobiliris

Whoever asked for “5G” in this mixer shows how stupid people are and take this mixer (which could cost up to $5000) for a toy. Studer (broadcasting) company has a new digital board just like this one but with a Core device to connect up to 2 mixers on it: Mixer: $1000 + Core: $3500. If you ask them to add any more features on it they will laugh and ignore you. But people are never happy with what they have, they always want more.. I’m getting frustrated when people take this amazing radio/podcast mixer (RodecasterPro) for a toy and connect on it stupid things like e.g. DSLR cameras while on the other hand they could go to Roland‘s audio/video mixers which are exactly for audio & video.

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