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João Augusto Quint de Souza

I recently bought the standard Mini model. I was expecting more from Pro, since I had things going with splitters and a multiview devices. But Atem Mini it is a must-have these days.

John Fishback

I’m excited by this product’s features. Adding NDI capability would knock the ball out of the park!


Hi. I have a client that just wants to switch 3 cams for in-house productions, no streaming. Would the mini pro be a viable option in the case? How do we record the mixed down video?


Packed with a lot of cool features but lacks quality video on the usb. Video format as Mjpeg only 🙁

Two things they are missing to knock it out of the park. They need another HDMI out and another USB port. Currently if you’re using multiview, then you have no way of getting the best picture to your computer. The USB port outputs mjpeg video only, which is horrible. Secondly, if you’re using the USB as a webcam, then there is no way to record. The features are nice if you can use them all at once. That’s why I went with the Roland v1HD over the ATEM. I need the Multiview and higher quality video format.

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