REVIEW: Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI 9
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Daniel Toman

Thanks especially for the low res archival samples, this seems like it could be useful as a documentary assistant editor. Also for upscaling Deep Space Nine DVDs 🙂 Might pick it up on sale!


With a decent grapic card this softwear waork very fast, I upgraoded my PS from an I5 to one with a 12GB Nivida card, 1080 to 4K is about 0.7 frame per second now. If you like this programeit is well woth upgrading, it aslo runs on on a 6GB card.

Craig Marshall

I evaluated Topaz a couple of months ago and found the slow motion rendering excellent but it was inclined to crash my PC. However, when it was offered for only US$99 recently, I bought it. I now use it for upgrading my 80s/90s Betacam SD 25i show reel programmes to HD progressive. Given audio is now carried through, the software does what it says on the tin though I’ve found the ‘Dione Interlaced TV’ model which delivers a 50fps file has issues with final A/V timing. The alternative Dione ‘de-halo’ model which outputs a 25P file from the PAL interlaced source keeps the audio and video timed correctly.


does it work with premiere as a plug in or can accept a whole project timeline? how does it work?


You import your video into the program, select what the tool should do and let it run. It then will output a denoised/upscaled or whatever-you-wanted video.

Mike Bracewell

Been using it for a couple of months & I’m not a big fan, TBH. It’s achingly slow, not cheap (it’s now £199 in the UK) & the results are patchy, – sometimes amazing, but oft times very cartoony/over-processed looking. It can also produce very bizarre artefacts & squashing of fine detail, especially with low bit-rate but high-contrast video with plenty of black in the frames. One of the weirdest glitches I’ve found was last night. I was upscaling/cleaning up a VHS grab of an old 60s movie from 480 up to 1080. Being from the 60s everybody smoked, which Topaz’s AI can’t seem to handle at all! At one point an actresses exhale turned magically in to a tuft of blonde hair which floated majestically into the air where it turned back into smoke! It also had problems with 60s eye make-up. A couple of times one of the actresses iris’s “detached” & stuck to her eyeliner as she turned her head to profile. Pretty freaky thing to experience! I think the AI is still very much in the kindergarten.


VHS grab of old 60s movie…can’t expect miracles, man. Among other things, the Proteus model gives you lots of tunability, so issues like you’re describing can be mitigated in a scene by scene basis. Not much help if you expect to turn a VHS grab into what looks like a film scan of original 35mm elements with the press of a button, but for those willing to work with it, Topaz is great.

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