AI Tools Part 1: Why We Need Them 147
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Mark Spencer

Excellent article, Jeff – bookmarked and will be returning to it often.

Cheryl Holmen

Captivating, informative, and intriguing from start to finish.
Looking forward to reading and learning more as this all unfolds.

As a child welfare social worker, I cannot help but wonder about how AI tools could benefit and the families in foster care by revolutionizing the writing of reports and service plans. Like you mentioned, there are critical human functions that AI simply cannot replicate or replace yet.

In closing, especially enjoyed the yearbook photo of your mom and the Lincoln photo at the closing.

Thank you for your dedication and time to diving deep to learn about the AI tools first hand and provide feedback.

Chatgpt Online

This is a very interesting paragraph on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on content creators.

The author has pointed out that AI has had significant recent advances in many areas such as image generation, text generation, and speech. Machine learning models are becoming increasingly more accurate and realistic. This raises questions about the resources AI uses for learning, the copyrightability of AI-generated products, and the potential impact on content creators.

I agree that AI image generation has made great strides, but still needs to improve accuracy of details and depictions. For example, AI models still frequently generate images with too many fingers.

However, voice AI and text generation have been quite impressive. These AI technologies are still in early developmental stages, but have shown great future potential.

Overall, the article provides insightful perspectives on current AI trends and their roles vis-à-vis content creators. I look forward to reading the author’s deeper analyses on specific AI technologies in subsequent articles.

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