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Douglas Holmes

Great list have – one to add to the video generators list:

Allan Barnwell

This is a great list of AI resources! While our Dataclay Templater isn’t technically an AI tool (though our patented Time Sculpting methodology we built into Templater borders on it), our new QUE offering is the perfect “glue” platform for automating workflows with After Effects using any of these AI tools that have their own API. We’re launching a free tier of QUE in the next few weeks!


Check out Soundful – uses AI to generate royalty-free music. The quality is really good. You can also download stem packs to pull into your DAW if you want to make the track your own.


Your article helps me a lot. Check out this tool named FineShare FineVoice, all-in-one AI voice software that can do speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and voice changing.

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