Review: Shure SM11 dynamic lavalier challenges RØDECaster Pro II more than SM7B 3
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Memo Sauceda

As always, I’ve leared a lot by this review, thank you Allan!

Doug Waugh

Great write-up. Thanks for taking the time. Just curious: Does the SM11 stack up well against, say the mid-tier Rode Lavalier II or the upper-tier Shure MX183? Looking to upgrade the sound of my son’s YouTube podcasts, and I want to replace a cheap JK lav mic that I’ve been running through a Saramonic SmartRig+ (with XLR input) into a Tascam DR-07 MKII. It’s as stripped-down a setup as one can have, but to date, our sound has been serviceable. I’m just wondering if I my Saramonic SmartRig+ will boost gain enough on the SM11 to get a fairly clean signal into the Tascam. Thoughts?

Last edited 1 year ago by Doug Waugh

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