Review: RØDE AI-Micro multiplatform dual channel 48 kHz audio interface 19
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Memo sauceda

As alwasy a concise and very informative review!

Ed Miller

Hi, great review of the product. I previously asked Rode if I could use the AI-Micro to input XLR mics via an XLR-3.5mm cable but they said it wasn’t possible.

I’m a bit of a newbie, but reading your words above, it seems you have been able to achieve that? I want to use the AI-Micro to livestream sports commentary and not have to lug my USB audio interface about and was hoping I could use our existing XLR headsets into it?


Adrian Cho

You can absolutely do it. I tested with an SM57 plugged into a cable with female XLR on one end and 3.5mm TRS on the other end. Works just fine and the AI Micro has plenty of quiet gain for the mic. Also, I plugged a guitar in using a cable with 1/4” mono female to 3.5mm TRS and although you have to keep the gain low as it’s line level, it worked very well. Impressive for such a little box.

Adrian Cho

Alan, this was the best review I have read of the AI Micro so far. I already have one and have been recommending it to lots of people. Can you tell me more about the cable that doesn’t transmit the plug-in power? Thanks.


Hello and thanks for the great review! I have been trying to understand if the 2 line in ports can also be used to record e.g. a synthesizer/keyboard L+R outputs (instead of just mics) but haven’t really found a solid answer yet. Do you know? Cheers

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