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David Hague

Also of importance is the sheer value of Da Vinci Resolve and the Speed Editor combo when comparing to say Adobe Creative Cloud or Vegas Pro suite.

David Hague

Agreed, which is why it is a good deal (although you could use Loupedeck CT or Contour Shuttle Pro).

Naomi Tahirih Richardson

Where did you get your speed editor? I’ve been waiting for months. It’s been on backorder…
Thank you.


Thanks for a really great review.. I think Naomi might mean where did you find it in stock? Stock is the issue not a pre-order location, as everyone has the pre-order options. I too have waited over 2 months from B&H as they say they are still waiting for any stock to ship?


Seamus, I just ordered the combo from Markertec yesterday and it shipped today. Will get it in two. They have them in stock.

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