Review: DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor Part 2 - Multicam and Multi-camera Editing 41

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“Unfortunately, you can’t use the Sync Clips window to sync (and check sync) for a multicam clip in the Edit Page”
You can use Sync Bin to sync for Edit Page. A multicam clip is always created automatically during synchronization.


This is a great review. I was having a hard time with the cut page multicam edit work flow and they sync functions. Thank you so much. And I totally agree, you need to be in flow when multicam editing, and it’s very important to cut to another angle instead of painting it or adding the clip for 5 seconds, etc. and you really need more control with the audio management. I hope this is a feature that will be added to the speed editor!

Ps, did you figure out if you can use the sync bin in cut page for the edit page?

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