Quicktip Day 02: Map your 9-split exactly to the keypad

Changing the FCP default 9-split multicam shortcut made my life easier


Quicktip #2 (February 2, 2009) Map your 9-split exactly to the keypad


Final Cut Pro already has the 9-split multicam view edit keys mapped to the keypad of the Multi-camera Editing keyboard layout as a default where you can switch to the various cameras 1 – 9 with a press of the camera number you want to switch to. I like to change those mappings around where instead of the number on the keypad matching the number of the camera it is the placement of the key that matches the camera in a 9-split multicam view. For example, in my keyboard layout cut to camera 1 is mapped to keypad shift+7 (I mapped it to the shift tab so I didn’t have to change keyboard layouts for multicam editing):

To me this is much easier to make quick camera cuts on the keypad without even having to look at any buttons since the keys now exactly match the 9-split. Depending on where your cameras land when making your multiclip you can rearrange the cameras in the multicam view and place them where you want. For me I put camera 1 in the upper left corner where it matches the 7 key on the keypad. Camera 2 in the middle of the top row to match keypad 8 and so on. Plus it changes part of what I think is FCP’s illogical default keyboard placements. Once you feel the raised bump on the 5 key you are cutting away.

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