Retroflex rig for Blackmagic and Sony

If you’ve a few hundred dollars extra and want to transform your Blackmagic or Sony camera in something akin to a Super8mm camera from the past, Redrock Micro has the solution for you: the Retroflex.


The Retroflex rig evokes a retro style of filmmaking, when it was all about the film, and production was stylish, says RedRock Micro on the presentation of the product. Now with the modern flexibility of digital filmmaking, a modular cage system, and expandable rig, the Retroflex rig makes shooting both a nostalgic joy and a modern technical delight.

Available for Blackmagic, with a price of $495 for the bundle, the version for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera consists of an ergonomic pistol grip equipped with camera run/stop button at your fingertip, a beautiful retro-style loupe – a 3x optical viewfinder – with bright sharp optics, with magnetic quick-connect design, and a cage which offers protection while all doors, cables, and functions are fully accessible.

The compact size makes the unit ideal for run-an-gun aplications, as a director’s viewfinder on set or simply as a way to make everybody take notice of you. Suddenly you look like a time-traveller, an idea that the old style lettering on the Retroflex contributes to enhance.


The Retroflex-S, now launched for Sony NEX-3, A5000 and A5100 Alpha Mirrorless Cameras, costs $545. The rig includes a form-fitting camera cage, a professional handgrip with integrated start/stop button, and an optical Viewfinder with focusable diopter and magnetic attachment and detachment for shooting with the Sony Alpha Mirrorless camera.

According to Redrock Micro, “the retroFlex-S is suitable for shooting handheld, street, or event footage even in mid-day sun. The viewfinder and handgrip are easily removed, and the cage can be used standalone for more sophisticated rigs.”


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