Redrock Micro Brings Order To Unruly Cables

Innovative microTies Promise To Tie Up Loose Ends

Your cat may like them. If you have a touch of OCD you might enjoy unraveling a nice ball of wires to calm your nerves.   However, disconnect a power cable on a light or your HDMI cable during a shoot and it could cost you a shot, which could cost you a job. Especially for the HDSLR shooters, the myriad of wired accessories continues to grow, and so do the chances of you getting tied up knots. Electric tape or grip tape work, but they aren’t very dependable, and they make your cables and rig sticky. There’s the velcro ties, but they’re like socks that some how vanish without a trace. So what’s the solution? Enter Redrock Micro’s microTies.

Redrock Micro announces the release of their latest creation: microTies. These little wonders are the perfect accessory for managing your HDMI, SDI and even your power cables on any camcorder or HDSLR rig. microTies attach to your rig enabling you to control all types of cables and provide safety, convenience, and a clean professional look.

microTies can be used on any standard 15mm rod system. They have both inside and outside channels for wrangling three or more cables, and they work with almost all cables including video, audio, power and data. With microTies, you reduce the chance of snags, accidental disconnects or cable fatigue due to bending or repeated insertions. microTies also have a special channel to hold a grease pencil for a follow focus.

microTies are made of ultra lightweight aerospace composites and therefore add virtually no weight to your rig and will not scratch other surfaces. microTies can be quickly attached, repositioned, and removed to speed up any rig changes saving you both time and money.

Redrock microTies can be used on any type of camera rig including cameras from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Red Digital Cinema, Arri, and others. microTies are available immediately, and can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro at, or through one of Redrock Micro’s worldwide authorized resellers. microTies are sold in a pack of three for $24.50.

Clint Milby

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