RED TECH Rolls On with Three New Videos

The Videos cover Wireless Control, Handheld Operation, and ISO Settings.

RED TECH, RED Digital Cinema’s series of educational videos (previously chronicled in this post by Jose Antunes) is back on the scene with a brand new trio of short, highly informative videos. First up is wireless control.


The video documents all the necessary steps, apps, and devices to wirelessly control and monitor just about any aspect of your RED camera and lens through the REDLINK Command Protocol (RCP). RCP-compatible apps allow you to to accomplish anything from starting and stopping recording  to adjusting shutter speed, white balance, ISO and more all without laying a finger on the actual camera. Maybe even more shocking than the functionality is how easily it all seems to come together. Setting anything wireless up can be a hassle, but the fact that this video is less than three minutes long speaks to the simplicity of RED’s setup process.

Next up is a simple overview of handheld shooting. In this video, the RED TECH team shows off the advantages of their ultra lightweight and modular system by running and jumping around a city block. The folks at RED-TECH build out their WEAPON-8K with three simple accessories that allow the operator full handheld mobility while still delivering cinema-grade images.

Finally, RED TECH offers a brief but thorough tutorial on setting ISO in your camera. Unlike some other systems, ISO is set in the recorded file’s metadata, so it can be adjusted without changing the original file. RED cameras let you use ISO the way you would with film stock – if it’s sunny, use low ISO, but if you’re shooting low-light crank it up as much as you need. The difference being that if you choose the wrong ISO, at the end of the day you have the flexibility to change it, rather than scheduling re-shoots.

That’s all for now, but RED TECH seems to be delivering new videos at a decent clip. Check out the rest of them here, and if you’ve got a burning question or need help with a RED topic, try shooting them an email here. If you’re enthused enough by the videos to buy a RED Camera, Filmtools has got you covered. Check out our entire selection of RED products at this link.

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