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FXHOME has launched their Star Wars-style fan film project, Rebellion, to familiarize people wih HitFilm 4 Express, a free app offering basic features of their main app HitFilm Pro 2017, the latest version of its all‐in‐one video editing and visual effects app. HitFilm Pro 2017 (links to AEP quick take) was released not long ago, adding Mocha planar tracking, Boris FX titling, scopes, export queue, 8K and 32‐bit floating color, as well as 150 plug-ins for other apps.

Free video tutorials and Hitfilm project files enable potential filmmakers to make their own effects inspired content at home. From learning how to clone stormtroopers, to tracking UI graphics to designing blaster effects, HitFilm’s latest project shows you how to create high level visual effects using completely free software. Here’s a sample, Create realistic blaster VFX with HitFilm Express:

There’s more in the Hitfilm Express Rebellion project, and even more in previous Hitfilm Express demo projects, like a version of an Iron Man inspired heads up display, Star Wars style lightning power and lightsabers, and Film Riot’s Portal Combat.

HitFilm 4 Express is among the most advanced free video software tools available: a video editor, it also includes pro-level animation tools, speed controls, and over 150 effect filters such as lightning, smoke and explosions. It also offers flexibility through a set of optional expansion packs with additional features and effects, if users decide to delay upgrading to Hitfilm Pro or After Effects. Hitfilm Express can be used on consumer laptops or hardcore gaming rigs using any of the last 3 versions of Windows or MacOS.

Also the HitFilm YouTube channel provides free weekly tutorials and filmmaking techniques to help new and experienced users. Here’s the Displacement effect can be used to quickly simulate 3D depth from a single still image, using HitFilm 4 Express one for Hitfilm Express that could also be leveraged for After Effects users, displacement to simulate 3D depth from a single still image:

For more on this effect, see the AEP roundup 3D from 2D images: After Effects and Making faces 3D.

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