Real-time video editing with the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD

Western Digital unveiled at CES 2019 a series of new solutions for storing and sharing content, but one is really unique, as it allows users to edit video files directly on a portable SSD. That’s a first!

Real-time video editing with the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD

The SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD changes the idea of fast related to external SSDs. This one is FAST, and allows users to edit video in real-time directly from the drive.

Create at the speed of life, says Western Digital, presenting the new portable SSD, which will be available this Spring, in capacities up to 2TB. The drive is more than a portable SSD with large capacity, as it will deliver blazing-fast sustained performance at up to 1GB/s transfer speeds. The SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD leverages SanDisk’s (Western Digital) lightning-fast, in-house NVMe technology to dramatically increase transfer speeds.

The speed achieved is so fast, in fact, that it will fully saturate the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface. So you’ll be able to edit right from the drive – providing full-frame editing with little interruption while saving you time and keeping your computer’s internal storage free. If all you need is to transfer files, the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD is also the solution, as it offers both the speed and the capacity, making it easy to deliver files when you have up to 2TB of space for a full library of content in a pocket-sized design.

Real-time video editing with the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD

Aluminium body and rubber coating

With a weight of only 0.174 lbs (79g) and dimensions of 112 mm x 58 mm x 11.5 mm, the Extreme Pro is agnostic in terms of OS, meaning it will work with both Windows PC and Mac computers. No drivers are needed, it’s absolute Plug& Play, and the SSD is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8,  Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.4+. Able to “speak” with USB Type C and Type A connectors, the Extreme PRO SSD works the way you work, as fast as you do. USB Type C cable and Type A adapter is included.

Designed with outdoor photographers and videographers in mind, or anyone who wants to be sure that data is protected  all the time, the Extreme Pro features a forged aluminium body to protect the SSD core and dissipate heat. Plus, a durable silicon rubber coating seeks to deliver higher impact resistance with its IP55 rating for water and dust resistance.

Real-time video editing with the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD

The new My Passport Go SSD

Ideal for creative professionals who want to move massive files quickly and do real-time editing directly from the drive, the Extreme PRO portable SSD was only one of the new products unveiled by Western Digital at CES 2019. In addition to the new and upcoming portable SSDs and a USB drive cloud backup service, the company is demonstrating an ultra-high capacity flash drive prototype – all of which put consumers in charge of their photos, videos and files, enabling them to store more content and access it on the go any time inspiration strikes.

The second portable SSD announced is the My Passport Go, which is the latest addition to Western Digital’s award-winning My Passport family. The new My Passport Go SSD features up to 1TB of portable SSD storage in a durable, convenient form factor that includes an integrated cable and rubber bumper. Built to travel, the My Passport Go is great for anyone looking for SSD performance on the go.

Real-time video editing with the SanDisk Extreme PRO portable SSD

A 4TB flash drive prototype

The company also introduced the new SanDisk Flashback: Available for two of SanDisk’s popular USB drives, Flashback is a new cloud back up service that creates an online copy of USB drive content, so consumers can easily view, search and share their files even if their drive is lost or left at home. To share share photos, videos, documents and more with as many people as you want you just use a link to your cloud.

The other highlight of the show is the SanDisk 4TB USB-C Prototype, which takes the concept of flash drive to a new level.  Continuing its legacy of technology milestones, the company demonstrates at CES 2019  what can be considered the world’s highest-capacity portable flash drive. It’s a whopping 4TB of flash memory in an impressively compact form factor, currently in prototype form.

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