Rampant Design Tools – Flare Essentials

Rampant Design is at it again with Stylistic Flares at a great price

Besides a great product line, one of the many things that Rampant Design Tools has is selection.   They have just released their newest product,  “Flare Essentials”, which is a stripped down version of a few of their “Flare” packages, giving you both “standard” lens flares, as well as “flare transitions”. So, that does beg the question, what do you get with Flare Essentials?

  • 120 Drag & Drop Flare Effects including:
  • 50 SciFi Flares, 50 Natural Flares, 10 Natural Flare Transitions & 10 SciFi Flare Transitions
  • Instant Download
  • Easy to Use. Instantly stylize your video.
  • Easy to follow training included.
  • Works in all Editing or Compositing Apps including:
  • Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, HitFilm & so many more
  • Download Size: 46GB

These Flares are super simple to use, but keep in mind that if you’re a Media Composer editor, you’re going to need a third party effect to work with these elements, like BCC”s Composite Effect, or another transfer mode effect from another company like GenArts.  If you’re clever, you can even use DaVinci’s Fusion in Media Composer, and avoid having to use a third party transfer mode effect all together!

The great thing is that once you’ve made your purchase, these elements are a direct download.  You’ll get an e-mail with links to your flares, and you’re all set to go!  If you’re quick, Rampant Design has a great first week deal, where you can get all 120 Flares for $59, which is half off the regular price!  If you’re not sure, or want to try before you buy, make sure you head over to 4Kfree.com, and check out a sampling of products from across the entire Rampant Design Tools library, and you’ll also be signed up for their newsletter, that will give you weekly deals on Rampant elements, that gives you access to all the Rampant deals, new tutorials and blog posting, that are always cutting edge, and something that everyone can learn something from.  For more information, or to check out the new Flare Essentials, you can check it out at https://rampantdesigntools.com/rampant-flare-essentials/ .

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