Pulse: complete control for DSLRs and Mirrorless

If you want to make stills, create timelapses or shoot video, always having complete control of your DSLR or Mirrorless camera from your smartphone, wirelessly, then Pulse is for you.


Pulse is the new adventure from the same team that before gave us Radian and Radian 2, tools aiming to allow users to take stunning panning and tilting time-lapses.

The team at Alpine Labs has spent the last 4 years making the smartest time lapse products they can think of. Pulse builds on all their previous work, and makes time lapse easier than ever for first timers whilst expanding the features and level of control for experienced shooters.

 On Kickstarter, as the previous projects from the Alpine Labs team, Pulse is, according to the creators of the device, “the most powerful way to control your camera from your smartphone. Pulse plugs into your DSLR or Mirrorless camera’s USB port, so whether you’re shooting photos, time lapse, or video, you get complete creative freedom – remotely from your smartphone – with your current camera.”

Pulse is compatible with practically all Canon and Nikon DSLRs – although you should check the list of compatible models – , and the Pulse app is free for both iPhone and Android devices. Alpine Labs would like to extend the use of the device to Sony cameras, but as Sony does not allow the storage of photos to local memory if they were taken while plugged into a USB device (meaning your computer, or Pulse) the team has not been able to make Pulse compatible. If you want to know more about this problem, read the note published on the team’s website about the lack of communication with Sony.


Those who are lucky to be able to use Pulse, and want it, and there are many, according to the Kickstarter campaign (more than 4000 backers pledged close to $350,000 of a $50,000 goal and there are more than two weeks to go) will have a new tool to add to the previous devices from Alpine Labs: Radian and Radian 2, along with Michron.

Launched on Kickstarter in 2012, the project for Radian had a simple aim: allow users to take stunning panning and tilting time-lapses. The team behind it had/have a dream: make motion time-lapse accessible to photographers of all levels.

Radian is a device that allows you to take motion time lapses with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, as well as GoPro and even your smartphone. Born out of the frustrations of their creators when trying other devices available in the market, Radian is compact, easy to use, and powerful. Radian has all the advanced features you need, while still keeping things simple so that you can focus on the shot, and actually enjoy what you are capturing. The device was available in 2013.

That same year the group started tinkering with new ideas and the feedback from supporters, and that’s how Radian 2 appeared. On Kickstarter until June 5th, 2015, the campaign for the new product aims was also successful, and now the team is back with Pulse, which extends in a new direction the adventure of timelapse photography.

Pulse’s strength comes, say their creators, “from its 100′ Bluetooth low energy radio, advanced USB control software, and a beautifully designed interface. We wanted a product that could handle your biggest project ideas – from day-long time lapses to your next backpacking trip. Because of its size you can take Pulse anywhere, and thanks to what it can do, you’ll never want to leave it behind.”

With pulse you not only control your camera, you’re also able to check images, as the device offers the possibility to view thumbnails on your phone right after you take a photo, at a range of up to 100 feet. Whether your camera is sticking out a 5th floor window or you’re warming up while it braves the cold, Pulse has you covered so you can still get the perfect shot.


Another interesting aspect of Pulse is that it allows users to control up to three Pulse-equipped cameras at once – all from the same smartphone. This is especially useful for independent filmmakers or really anyone who has more cameras than they have camera hands. With Pulse, you can be everywhere at once and make sure you get all the right angles for your shot, even if you are just a crew of one. 


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