Profoto introduces the A1 Duo Kit and a new light shaping tool, the Grid Kit

Introduced in 2017 as the world’s smallest studio light, the A1, from Profoto, gets a new light shaping tool, the Grid Kit, along with the introduction of the A1 Duo Kit.

Profoto introduces the A1 Duo Kit and a new light shaping Grid Kit

What’s better than one Profoto A1? Two, obviously! That’s the reason why Profoto introduced, this month, the A1 Duo Kit. A new Grid Kit for expanded creative options, is also available now.

Faced with the growing use of small strobes as a lighting solution, Profoto did, in 2017, what they felt was the best solution: the company introduced the A1, presented as “every inch a Profoto light – just smaller”. The A1, with its unique round head, delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. The buil-in LED modelling light makes it easy to set it and check how light and shadows work together.

Profoto introduces the A1 Duo Kit and a new light shaping Grid Kit

Usable as on-camera flash but also has an effective off-camera flash as a stand-alone unit, the Profoto A1 is now available in a pair, the A1 Duo Kit, designed for Canon and Nikon systems, so users to expand their creativity and light shaping abilities.

The two A1s that are included in the kit open up for new opportunities to experiment with different lighting setups and moods, giving you the power to create the image you’re after. Whether you use the first A1 on camera as a light or trigger, with the second A1 firing off camera, the freedom to be creative is yours, says Profoto.

The A1 Duo Kit is announced simultaneously with the introduction of the new A1 Light Shaping Tool – the Grid Kit, a  small and portable kit consisting of two grids that reduce the light spread to either 10° or 20° enabling a more direct and circular shape of light which provides lots of creative options from adding contrast and making exciting background effects to merely controlling stray light.

Profoto introduces the A1 Duo Kit and a new light shaping Grid Kit

Like all A1 light shaping tools, they click on and off the smart magnetic mount in a second and are stackable with other A1 Light Shaping Tools, so combinations of light shaping tools can be used together just as quickly to provide even more creative options.

The Grid Kit expands the number of light shaping tools available to use with the A1. The first of these accessories were introduced one year ago, September 2017, when the Profoto A1 was launched. A variety of compatible light shaping tools were introduced then to help users of the A1 to be more creative with light. Now, the Grid Kit helps to take that creativity to another level. Use it with the A1 Duo Kit and your creative options more than double.

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