proDAD’s Mercalli EZ Mac: no more shaky videos

No more shaky, woobly and warped drone or action camera videos. The new proDAD Mercalli EZ Mac offers a quick fix at a very accessible price. Download the trial version and check the magic!

proDAD's Mercalli EZ Mac: no more shaky videos

If you own a Mac, you’re in for something special: proDAD announced Mercalli EZ Mac, a $29 ‘Quick Fix’ that puts and end to strange looking videos.

Mercally EZ Mac software arrived and the end of shaky, wobbly, and warped drone and action camera videos is now available for everyone. Aerial drone and GoPro-type action camera users who use a Mac know all too well there has not been an easy way to fix shaky, janky, and warped videos without spending serious money, but that ends today. It will cost you $29 to have this ‘Quick Fix’!

With the new software proDAD wanted to offer Mac users big improvements to problem videos for a small price. Mercalli EZ Mac is based on the same technology as the professional-grade Mercalli SAL Mac video stabilizer and CMOS correction application. However EZ is a mostly automatic tool with very simple interface for those who just need a quick cleanup of a shaky, wobbly, warped video clip and don’t need all the pro-level adjustments. Exactly what some people need. And if at any time you decide to invest in the complete program, you can upgrade.

proDAD’s Mercalli video stabilization technology is legendary and is relied on by major studios, video editors & post-production specialists around the globe for one simple reason: it works.  And works well, delivering the best possible stabilization with minimal resolution loss due to zoom-in that is required for stabilizing video.  proDAD also pioneered CMOS distortion correction to remove jitter and wobble from video, something completely different from camera shake that stabilization alone can correct.  Automatic fisheye warp removal is also a proDAD innovation as is stabilizing warped videos correctly when the fisheye warp is a desired look.  Wrap all 3 of these technologies into a single macOS application and automate them and you have Mercalli EZ Mac.

proDAD's Mercalli EZ Mac: no more shaky videos“Drone-flying and GoPro-wearing consumers and enthusiasts want their videos to look great but don’t necessarily have the skills or the budgets that professionals have to fix them.” said Robert DeMoulin, CEO of proDAD, Inc. “While some camera and drone makers have in-camera stabilization, Mercalli EZ actually does a better job smoothing things out, and significantly better than even iMovie’s stabilizer.  Because Mercalli EZ does its magic after the video is recorded, it gives people the freedom to forget about clumsy sticks and just focus on catching the action.”

Mercalli EZ Mac features

  • Automatic 3-axis video stabilization and rolling-shutter distortion correction;
  • CMOS distortion correction to remove jitter, wobble, and “jello” from video clips;
  • Fisheye warp removal;
  • Automatic warped video correction by simply selecting the camera model used;
  • Video clip editing features including simple trim editing and rotating the video clip in 90-degree increments;
  • Side-by-side or top-bottom preview of corrected video with the original clip;
  • Export clips in ProRes 422 or H.264/AVC formats. H.265/HEVC will be supported in an upcoming update;
  • Fully functional 30-day trial version; exported video contains a watermark which is removed when the software is activated.
  • Economical upgrade to Mercalli SAL Mac if advanced features & capabilities are desired.

Mercalli EZ Mac is available today for an introductory special of $29 until October 31, 2017 at which time it will be $39.95.  Upgrades to Mercalli SAL Mac are $110.  Download the free trial version or learn more about Mercalli EZ at prodad.us.

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