Price drop for Solo drone

Solo, the drone from 3DR, is cheaper now. The company behind the flying platform has reduced the price to $799.95, and at the same time is offering a free eBook about aerial photography with drones.


The Solo, which the company presents as the “world’s smartest drone” and the “easiest to fly” has, according to 3DR, helped the company to expand to 22 countries and over 2000 retail locations worldwide, and that’s one reason for the price drop now announced.

Colin Guinn, 3DR’s CRO says “this expanded production translates to cost savings, which we can pass on to our customers. In addition, as we offer new upgrades for Solo this year we want to ensure our platform continues to be a competitive choice for consumers worldwide.


The drop in price of the Solo, from $999.95 to $799.95, is anounced at the same time the Solo Gimbal price drops from $399.95 to $199.95. The Solo Gimbal enables users to get perfect, stable shots automatically. It also provides users with GoPro control & charging and a long-range HD video feed. The gimbal was built in collaboration with GoPro, and in is the first in the world with in-flight access to GoPro controls. The Solo Gimbal even powers your GoPro so the battery won’t die midflight.


3DR also announced a free eBook, which can be downloaded from their website. Their new photography eBook is a complete guide to getting the shot from a drone. Titled Using Drones for Aerial Photography – The Ultimate User’s Guide, the 27-page guide. Topics include :

  • Aerial photography cheat sheet
  • GoPro settings explanations & best practices
  • How to find the best locations
  • Behind the scenes shot breakdowns from top photographers
  • Interviews, tips & tricks from the world’s top creators


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