PowerSearch: intelligent metadata search in Premiere Pro Timeline

Demonstrated at NAB and IBC this year, PowerSearch, from Digital Anarchy, is finally available. Intelligent metadata search for Adobe Premiere Pro editors has arrived!

PowerSearch: Intelligent search in Premiere Pro Timeline

A search engine integrated into Premiere Pro, PowerSearch makes it easy for editors to find specific clips within their Premiere timelines with a simple Google-like text search.

Life is about to get a whole lot easier for Premiere Pro editors with PowerSearch, from Digital Anarchy. PowerSearch intelligently searches metadata within video clips using keyword searches to find specific instances of spoken words or terms in video clips and sequences. PowerSearch is included in Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Suite, the Company’s new family of intelligent transcript, search and collaboration tools for video production.

This new plugin for Premiere Pro is a powerful metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and opens as a panel. This intelligent new search capability enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches. PowerSearch quickly compiles search results in a panel window in Premiere, where each result can be selected for review directly in the preview window and at the precise timecode where that word or term appears in the sequence.

PowerSearch: Intelligent search in Premiere Pro Timeline

The PowerSearch workflow

Additionally, Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Plugin for Premiere combines with PowerSearch  to transform transcripts into searchable content all within the Premiere timeline – a significant time saver for Premiere editors. This makes it possible to search everywhere there’s text in your Premiere project: transcripts, clip markers, sequence markers, caption files and metadata. It’s like having a search engine integrated into Premiere Pro.

Know what your talent said, but not where? Easily search every clip and sequence in your Premiere project. While searching transcripts is the obvious use, Digital Anarchy points to the fact that you can use PowerSearch to search markers and camera/clip metadata as well. When the company says PowerSearch searches ALL your metadata, they mean it! It’s an improvement to Premiere’s Search function you HAVE to try out.

PowerSearch is the only intelligent metadata search technology with direct integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, says Digital Anarchy. This industry-unique integration means editors are not required to leave the Premiere Pro timeline to launch separate applications as it launches as a panel within the timeline. In doing so the plugin provides editors with a fast, accurate and efficient way to locate specific clips within a project, eliminating the slow, tedious and inaccurate process of manually searching through clips or sequences in the timeline and significantly accelerating the post production workflow.

PowerSearch: Intelligent search in Premiere Pro Timeline

Used with Transcriptive

PowerSearch is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Plugin for Premiere, which uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to transcribe all dialog within a Premiere project into text metadata. Since Transcriptive automatically assigns timecode, i.e. metadata, to every spoken word in the transcript, PowerSearch transforms the transcripts into searchable content, which means editors can also search for other valuable metadata within a transcript, including date, format, location and many other data points.

PowerSearch for Adobe Premiere is available immediately for $149.00 for new users, and $69.00 for current Transcriptive Plugin customers. Follow the link for more information about PowerSearch.

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